Monday, October 26, 2009

A Cinderella Story...

So I went a pretty b***chy on my last entry so I decided today, I'm not gonna do that. Because it's more fun to write about other stuff, stuff that makes me happy and stuff that I found it amusing.

Today, I'm gonna write about Cinderella. Pretty surprising because those who knew me would know I hate damsel-in-distress fairy tales thing. Sleeping Beauty is the absolute worst in my opinion. For the Sleeping Beauty fans, no offense!!! I have my reasons. One, she's overly privileged. Because she's happen to be the princess of the land, the fairies had to kiss the king's a** by giving her the gift of skin white as snow, lips red as blood and hair dark as ebony. People killed themselves to get those and she got it before she even knew she needed it. Typical!!! Two, despite the protection that she from the evil witch, she's hopeless. How on earth she got stupid enough to put her hand on the sharp needle? Can't she sense the danger to it? Three, after she got stupid, she still got what she wants, a good long sleep and a prince to accompany her to her la la land. So dumbfounded. And plus when I knew the original version, I like her less. In the original version, she was so beautiful that when she fell asleep, her father saw her lying there so beautiful and decided to fornicate her (for those who didn't understand, simply put he f**k her) and the evil witch doomed for 100 years and for that 100 years of slumber, she was the 'touch and go' for those who passed by (or maybe pretend to pass by) because she was too beautiful to be left behind. And after 100 years, she woke up when she found out that a prince was on his first gear know what. She fell in love with him and she married him. Without knowing that the prince was going know what to her and she's been the main course for countless of men for 100 years. Isn't that dumb???

Clearly, with hating Sleeping Beauty, it figured I hate Cinderella too. But there's one version of Cinderella that I absolutely love, Cinderella from Roald Dahl's revolting rhymes. And I'm sure those who hated Cinderella story will love this version too. Don't trust me? Just watch below...

Why I love this version??? Number one, who could not love anything written by Roald Dahl??? He's an absolute genius!!! I probably owed my English to mister Dahl. He gave me so much happiness when I was a child when I read his Charlie and Chocolate Factory, Mathilda, Giant Peach!!! He's a wonder and a brilliant writer. Number two, it actually got a pretty lesson compared to the typical Cinderella story. The only lesson that I can derived from the traditional Cinderella is sit tight and let other whack the hell lot of you and eventually you'll get what you deserve. Darling, it's not as simple as that. Sometimes when you try your hardest, if it's not meant for you it will not. But this Cinderella got a real lesson. A very good one to for the girls, don't be fooled by status or inheritance. See the prince? A great example...Number three, because this tale got the word slut!!! ha, ha no explanation needed...Number four, it's still a good literature piece for children (minus the slut but sooner or later they gonna pick the word..) it got matching rhymes, the language is simple and it is very easy for children to read. It proved that Mr. Dahl is in his own class, making fun of the tales but still instill some old touch to spice up the thing...

Good news, this is not the only tales that Dahl messed up!! he messed up another 5 tales. Recommendation, watch Red Riding Hood and Three Little Pigs. It's brilliant!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Shut up and leave me alone!!!!

I don't like to b***ch around seriously personal things in my blog or to my friends (except for julie and mugi - sorry guys for becoming my victims!!!) but this time, I just gotta do it. Perhaps for some unlucky bloke who come across reading this can learn one thing which is: JUST SHUT YOUR TRAP AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!

I spent my weekend helping and participating my cousin's weeding. She's a doctor waiting for posting and she's the only cousin from my mom's side whom is the same age of me (19 ++) and with her being married, that leaves me as the oldest unmarried cousin (ding! ding! ding...! there goes the boxing bell!!!) and the elders just love to put that into perspective....happy as I am to be my cousin got married with a pretty nice guy in my opinion but if I can summed up the experience of the wedding it would be...If God created living hell on earth, I can say I've been there 2 days ago.

I can't really blame my mom for worrying over me. She earns the rights, I'm her daughter and frankly speaking, I ain't do much to improve my love life. But just please take one second in my life. I'm currently two weeks away to finish my degree but my workloads are as high as the Fiji mountain. I live on burgers for meals because it's fast and I use my facebook to see what my classmate are up to. Now how on Earth will I have time to mind my love life????How do I find the time to gear up to meet the bachelors??? Even if I went, I will not be able to enjoy because my mind will wander about the work. Even my social time is totally empty. I can't remember the last time I went for movies or the last time I hung up with my friends at mamak. Looking at this situation, it's pretty understandable that I can't find anyone.

But actually I am not mad at my mom, also I am not mad at my situation. What I am mad about is whenever this matter is brought up but some elders, it will end up of me being guilty. I tried to see it as a loving gesture but after one bomb after another, I started to resent it and I actually thinking like I'm the sacrificial lamb for the occasion. Here are their reasons: Number one, because I'm loud and obnoxious and that's not the way a 'gadis melayu' should behave. Number two, because I am too choosy and no one is good enough for me. Number three is I am focusing way too much in my dreams that I abandon this matter. So for sitting there hearing everything being thrown right on your face do makes you feel like you wanna to punch everyone you've met that day. Is it really pathetic being 19++ and single??? Is it really bad that I don't feel like getting married now??? I am not gonna lie, seeing the fancy dress and the celebration do stir up my make my heart ache for it... but to abandon all reasons just to catch up with something that I can't control??? I am not gonna do that...

When I was being attacked of being not 'gadis melayu', I feel like I am gonna scream 'How dare you to judge me like that!!!' Strictly speaking, if I were to accumulate the contact hours that I spent with them in a year I would say like 10 to 11 hours. So based on that, you think you got me figured out from A to Z??? Do you even know that my favorite color is brown??? Or I am ridiculously afraid of cockroaches??? Or I love to read and buy people's biography??? So just back off!!! I know I am loud, I'm wild and I like to have own opinion and I am DAMN PROUD OF IT!!!!! And isn't it a cheat on yourself to change to someone not you just to have someone to like you??? Isn't it a cheat on your future partner if you're masking yourself and hide your true self? Those people have no idea how hard for me to love myself. I spend these last years of my life hating to look into the mirror. I suddenly got serious acne problem and it pained me just to look at it. Even more painful when someone made a remark of it. Sometimes I even think that one of the reason that one of ex was cheating on me is because of that. And because of that, I started to resent the other part of me, I started to feel like I have a clown-size nose, a flat out bottom and whenever I look at other girls, I resented myself even more. And it pained me when I am not able to confide this to others. Just when I started to gear up and love myself for who I really am, 'acnefull' or 'acneless', here they come shooting me down. Couple of times I thank God for blessing me with inner strength because it is the only thing that keeps me from being shattered. The same goes for their comment of me being choosy. How much they know about my life??? Do they know how much I tried to repair my first relationship when I found out that he was cheating on me and it came down to nothing because he cheated on me again??? Do they know how much I struggle loving a man who is not a Muslim and constantly reassuring him that I love him for who he is and also end up with nothing because he's too coward to face the talk and resentment from our families??? Do they know any of that??? After all I've through, don't I deserve to be a little bit choosy or in other word 'careful'??? Don't I deserved to really look out for myself because I am so tired of being stomped at my heart??? Don't I deserve that??? Do they know that I've once wished that let all bones break except my heart because I think any broken bone is painless compared to when your heart get broken...

And for living on my dreams right now...I really want to ask them do they gain anything if I do get married???? Or maybe they have a running bet on me, let's guess how many years it will be till Nico got hitched??? Because what I do with my life is my business and my matter. Plus, I am not doing anything stupid with my life. I am not running away to Thai to become a stripper or just lazing at home, getting fat and getting wasted. I have a dream to see the world, to educate myself better and to gain as much experience as much as I can while I'm still young. Perhaps these dream do hinder me to settle down because I think it's unfair for me to have a time of my life while someone else is just waiting for me to come back. For me that's not how marriage supposed to be. If I can find someone to share my dream and my wish, I'll consider settling down. But it's also unfair if he's living on my dream and not his. I can't do that to someone, especially if that someone sincerely loved me with all his heart and soul. It's too cruel and demeaning.

So please people, before you think you know why someone is being in any unfavorable situation, I beg you to think again. Because you think you know, but most of the time you have no idea. I'm ending this with a clip from one of my favorite movie 'The Holiday'. Hear what Kate Winslet talked about her broken heart and think, what you feel if someone you love said that to you after you asked her/him about their love lives? Think about it...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Reality check!!!

I haven't been here for a long time and my couple last entires were usually about me b****ing about my life, my work and almost everything that consummated my chakra and my sanity. Tonight I've got an unexpected chance to relax and sitting here late at night can't sleep (because my biological clock is topsy turvy) so I figured this is the time for me to do some reality check. But not about me, about the one of thing I love most, broadcasting program!!!!

I'm not ashamed to admit, I'm a freak of reality TV show. But a freak as I am, I choose my reality TV show meticulously. Survivor, yes...Keeping up with the Kardashian, No...So You Think You Can Dance?, yes...The Hills, no...I think you got the picture...I don't watch reality TV that features skanks who all day only wanting to air either their silicon boobs or giant tushy on air. I like to watch, real people in competition...making their ordinary lives to become extraordinary and admitting their strength and mistake on TV to be watched and judged by everyone!! That's the kind of thing I, I'm just gonna do a short list of my 5 favorite reality shows and why I like them so much...

5. American Idol
Reason: First reason: Simon Cowell, Second reason: Simon Cowell. Third reason: Simon Cowell...most of the charm of the show comes from him. You may hate him, you may love him but it's an undeniable fact that he's a master. His word is the law. From his gawky accent right to his metaphorical critiques, he's never came in short. He's there to bring the drama and he delivers it, time after time...another thing worthy to watch in the American Idol...the audition. Platform of the highest ego of the most tone-deaf person you've ever met in your life. Miracles do happen there even if you are rejected. Remember William Hung??? But of course, there's talent there as well. I've been watching American Idol since season 3 and until now some of the contestants are down right magically talented. I still got shivers listening to Fantasia and I've rooted for Chris Daughtry since the very beginning and he's doing well. The latest season is a bit dull for me but still, I'm fine with American Idol over The Simple Life...

4. Cari Menantu
Reason: Actually, the main reason is I will feel a little guilty if I didn't put any Malaysian brands in here. Feels like I'm not 1 Malaysia or something. So I've picked up my personal best choice for the Malaysian reality. But actually, this show does have some strong points. Number 1, it helps those who wanted to get marry with money constrain. Number 2, it injected Islamic content in the show which I think it's great, it makes the contestant sort of 'muhasabah diri' if they are ready to carry the burden of becoming either a wife or a husband. Number 3, it ends up well compared to most of love searching reality show like The Bachelor or I Want to Marry a Millionaire. So in one way, it's a new concept but not tragically too alien to become a total shock to our scenarios and values. There's only one season of the series, perhaps channel 9 are broke sponsoring 3 elaborated weddings of unknown couples so maybe that is why they decided not to continue the show...

3. America's Next Top Model
Reason: because I'm a girl that's why!!!! Other than that, the show actually an eye opener for me. Firstly, the intensity of young girls battling their way to the top for the sake of the competition is a sign that most girls need to be recognize beautiful to feel beautiful. Secondly, it gave me the impression of modeling is not necessarily mean bulimic sticks walking back and fourth to runway, it's more than that. Thirdly, girl loves seeing other girls being b***hy to other girls!!! if you're looking for a cat fight, this is the place to be. Sometimes the girls argued about the simplest thing in life, like whose hogging the phone all the time or whose dishes were not washed...something like that. Couldn't help but giggle at them sometimes. I agree model are not totally dumb...but they are not totally smart either...

2. The Biggest Loser
Reason: If you're looking for the show that truly change someone's life, then this is the show to watch. Compared to any other reality, fame and money is not the ultimate goal, but the transformation or the morphing of themselves is the goal. The show taught me so much about life, struggle and bonus, about health as well. Every time I watch the show on TV or youtube, I can't help but smile in front of the TV, whether when I'm watching it alone or watching it with my family. Whenever the contestant jumped over the cloud celebrating their weight lost, I feel like little by little, they started to move away from the dark cloud that always hover over them because of their low self-esteem towards their physical and emotional image. The show is call The Biggest Loser, but there's only one thing they lost, which is the weight. Their gainings are worth more than any millions in the world. They gained their health, their self worth and their motivation. Wanna see for some real life inspiration? Watch season 3 Australian Biggest Loser contestants, Sean, John and Alison and watch season 4 Australian Biggest Loser contestants, Bob, Tiffany and Sharif. They are the unknown yet for me truly inspiring and alluring.


1. The Amazing Race
Why The Amazing Race after I'm saying a lot of good stuff about The Biggest Loser? Because there are things in Biggest Loser that tend to make my nerve wreck. First, sometimes the pacing of the series are too lagging and I tend to skip episodes because I just can't wait to see the weigh-in session. Second, the unnecessary drama makes me feels like...come on, this is so corny!! Like switching members, switching weight loss...they don't need that!! Thirdly, the assessment itself. The winner is determine only by the percentage of weight loss. Which mean if someone shed like 80% of his or her weight loss and appear in final like auditioned zombie for the next X-files movie, then he or she would be the winner!!! It's not that fair and quite dangerous too. They should also measure percentage of fat loss, biological age count and others. Then the real result is more conclusive.

Enough about Biggest Loser. Now, why I love the Amazing Race so much? Number 1, the concept of the show itself. It's a race around the world where you can experience many things that you could never attempt to do in real life. They have done it 15 times in US now, still the concept works. Number 2, the unintentional drama, their flights got delayed, the taxi driver is a F1 driver wannabe, someone got lost, someone's car is gives us an impression no one is really safe in the competition. Today, you're no 1 but bam!!! It's bye-bye birdie the next day!!! Number 3, the's so much fun to see the local laugh to see the contestant attempting the local's task that seemed to be mundane for the locals but scorching pain for the contestant. Number 4, it promotes tourism and world culture which is a tribute for the road of understanding and humanity. And lastly it's fun to see how people, or the contestant bits by bits shedding their true skin and show their true nature. In the competition, the real test awaited the teams. Will the couple break? Can their friendship survive this? Can the family sticks together? Can they listen to each other? all that will be revealed as they go along the race. Right now is the season 15 of The Amazing Race but I'm watching back to back of the 14th season just to ease my mind. Maybe someday I'll find a worthy partner to join me in The Amazing Race. If I got in the competition, guess what is my choice of challenge??? It will be bungee jumping, I've been dreaming to do that my whole life!!!

So that's my about u? (although i don't think anyone will be reading this...)

Thursday, October 1, 2009


It's war for us, TESL batch!!!!

25 days to complete:

1.CALL software
2.PD seminars
3. Thesis (argh!!!!!)
4. mountains of ASSignments, presenTENSION and movie reviews.

My armours for this war:
1. patience
2. patience again
3. not enough patience so I'll add some more
4. GUTS, GUTS and GUTS!!!!
5. paracetamol, ponstan and other drug for incoming migraine bombs
6. money and phone in hand for a lot of food deliveries
7. laughter and facebook for diversion tactics

Required armours:
1. extra brains to compartmentalize the works
2. extra hands to kill many birds with one stone
3. pawns to complete my work and I took all the credit

Am I ready??? I don't think I'll ever be ready...
Will I perform my best? I don't think so but I am sure that I'll put a solid effort....

Thursday, September 10, 2009

This is the tribute for the single ladies

This is the tribute for the single ladies,
Who woke up in the morning greeted with the empty four walls,
This is the tribute for the single ladies,
For make honest living and keep on living.

This is the tribute for the single ladies,
Who live in their own house, drive their own cars and pay their own bills,
This is the tribute for the single ladies,
Who save for a fabulous holiday instead of kids' college fees.

This is the tribute for the single ladies,
Who is not ashamed to say 'table for one
' or 'ticket for one'
This is the tribute for the single ladies,
Who just dismiss the looks and enjoy the day.

This is the tribute for the single ladies,
Who rather be lonely than having an affair,
This is the tribute for the single ladies,
For putting herself first not others that pretend they care.

This is the tribute for the single ladies,
For putting on a dress and go to a wedding,
This is the tribute for the single ladies,
Who hate the questions but answer them gracefully.

This is the tribute for the single ladies,
Who pick themselves up and be their own prince,
This is the tribute for the single ladies,
Who keep hold on their own instinct

This is the tribute for the single ladies,
Who believe that they will be fine and will find the one,
This is the tribute for the single ladies,
Who stop worrying and keep flirting.

This is the tribute for the single ladies,
Just like me, you and you,
This is the tribute for the single ladies,
I salute you for loving who you really are